Birthday Parties

Do-Re-Wee is excited to offer BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

A Do-Re-Wee music adventure party brings all the fun to you:

  • 30 – 40 minutes of musical fun & learning
  • 15 minutes of musical craft
  • A set of songs, tailored to your little one’s interests.

Possible Themes Include:

Princess Adventure: Go on a “hunt” to save a favorite princess. Beware of pirates!

Yelp for Help: Help the Paw Patrol rescue other animal friends, such as bunnies and froggies and bears, oh my!

On the Move: Trains, cars, planes, and more!

Sweet as Honey: Explore some mischief that Winnie the Pooh may find himself in.

Troll Time!: Sing, dance, make music and celebrate with your favorite trolls!

Monkeying Around: Join Curious George and all your friends for a birthday adventure created just for you!

Children will enjoy singing, dancing, using their imaginations, and exploring musical concepts. You will enjoy the fact that they are learning and experimenting with different instruments, while having a blast! All of this for only $115.

Becca Jenkins would love to help you with your Do-Re-Wee birthday adventure! Contact Becca at or (443) 643-8742

*Costumes are not included and are to show examples of the types of parties only.

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